Policy Manual

This On-line Policy Manual is intended to provide information on policies at The College of New Jersey. While our goal is to include all current College policies with broad applicability, this On-line Policy Manual is a work in progress. Some College policies might not yet be included in the On-line Policy Manual. Policies that are specific to a particular school or academic department or program might not appear in this On-line Policy Manual, but rather may be accessible through that school or department. Users of this site are advised to check with appropriate Responsible Units regarding any questions of policy or procedure.

This On-line Policy Manual focuses on College policies and does not include other documents that govern conduct at The College of New Jersey. Such other documents may include collective bargaining agreements between unions and the State or College; and governmental (federal, state and local) laws, regulations and administrative processes. Links to some of these other documents may be found at the "other resources" tab at the left side of this page.

We have designed the On-line Policy Manual with your ease of use in mind. You may browse policies alphabetically by title. You can also find policies by Section/Category listings (e.g., office, division or department such as Academic Affairs or Student Affairs) that are classified by number. The numerical classification system is explained in the frequently asked questions section of this website. Alternatively, you can search for policies by keyword.

To support of the College's efforts in drafting new or revising existing policies, the Compliance Office developed two policy writing support documents: Guide to Writing and Updating College Policies ("Writing Guide") and the Policy Writer's Checklist. The documents offer helpful tips and industry best practices on policy writing, and also include the College's common policy template. These resources are intended to promote consistency in both form and content across the campus to facilitate the readers understanding of each policy.

Responsible Units may submit copies of properly authorized new or revised policies in the template format in MS Word to the Compliance Office at for inclusion in the On-line Policy Manual. Please send to the same address any suggestions for improvements to the On-line Policy Manual.

If you are having trouble accessing or using the On-line Policy Manual, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk [ or 609-771-2660].